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Space Req.
Less than 250 Sq.ft
Investment Range
Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs
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No Franchisee

About Delhivery Logistics Franchise in India

Delhivery is the India’s largest and fastest growing fully integrated logistics provider. Delhivery mission is to enable customers to operate flexible, reliable and resilient supply chains at the lowest costs.

Key highlights: - Company covers

  • 18,500+ pincodes with 4500+ facilities spread across the country
  • 11,700+ fleet size operates for the company daily
  • Operates 17.9M square feet of infrastructure spread across the country
  • Reach in 220+ countries with FedEx partnership

Delhivery Franchise in India

Their Vision & Mission:

  • Our mission is to broaden the scope of the logistics ecosystem by inviting new participants to join our platform and make use of their own physical assets and resources, such as franchisees, retail partners, and delivery agents.
  • With the help of our suppliers and network partners, we can now offer pickup, delivery, and trucking services.
  • With the help of our IT infrastructure, our network partners may expand their operations and provide multiple Delhivery services to customers in their service areas.

Delhivery is looking for franchise partners who can setup company branded courier outlets. These courier outlets will book courier shipments for domestic and international. Domestic shipments will delivered by Delhivery and international shipments will be delivered through FedEx partnership.

Why start a Courier & Delivery Franchise in India?

If you are looking to start a logistics franchise in India, it won't be wrong to say that this is an industry which is lucrative and promisiong.  Here's why.

  • India's economy is expanding rapidly because of the country's dedication to improving its infrastructure and expanding its exports. The need for logistics services is rising in line with this trend, making the industry a desirable one in which to put money.
  • Increased purchasing power and urbanisation in India have helped fuel the country's rapid economic growth. With more individuals able to spend money, the demand for goods and services increases, necessitating well-oiled distribution systems.
  • In recent years, India's e-commerce market has expanded at an astounding rate. More and more people are making purchases over the internet due to the widespread availability of cellphones and high-speed internet. 
  • The Indian government has implemented a number of policies—including the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the construction of designated goods corridors—to improve the logistics industry. It is a good moment to invest in the logistics business because of recent initiatives that aim to streamline operations, lower transportation costs, and boost supply chain efficiency.
  • India is a massive country with a wide variety of landscapes and an extensive transportation infrastructure. Using this robust network, a logistics franchise can provide full transportation and distribution services to customers in a variety of sectors and locations.
  • Buying into a successful logistics franchise gives you access to a tried-and-true business model, well-known brand, and existing infrastructure. When compared to beginning a logistics business from scratch, this can provide you an edge and make it easier to break into the market.

Every business investment comes with its share of potential pitfalls, so it's smart to weigh the pros and cons of a particular franchise and your own skills and resources before making a final decision.

Future of Logistics Franchises in India

With the rise in e-commerce, the initiatives of the government of India, growing advances in technology, and specialized services provided by the logistics companies in India, the future of the courier franchises in India is very bright.

Contact us at FranchiseBazar to start a Logistics Franchise in India.

Operations Commenced On: 2011 Franchising / Distribution Commenced On: 2023 Number of Employees: 66000
Business Models
Industry Segment Investment Franchise Fee Space Expected No of Hours / month Expansion Location/s
Logistics Franchise Courier Franchises Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs Rs. 1 - 50000 Less than 250 20 - 30hrs 5 places
Preferred Expansion Locations
Union Territorie, South India, North India, West India, East India,
Ideal Entrepreneur Profile
What should be the Education level of an Entrepreneur? : Not Revealed
What should be the skill set of an Entrepreneur? :
Not Revealed
What is that the business seek from an Entrepreneur? : No Ideal Franchisee Profile
Previous Experience of Entrepreneur? :
Not Revealed
Frequently Asked Questions
List the top 3 reasons as to why anybody should choose your franchise?
1. Delhivery is largest and fastest growing logistics company in India. Delhivery a clear advantage over all other companies that offer courier product with its superior network and speed. 2. Delhivery is launching all its outlets in FOFO model so franchise owners do not have to compete with any COCO outlets in vicinity. Making it a fair opportunity for all aspirants. 3. Delhivery retail franchise program has the one of the highest ROIs when we measure monthly income vs capital investment.
In what period will the franchise get back the entire capital invested?
For an average performing franchise, this period will vary between 12 months and 18 months depending on the city and location the outlet is being opened. However, we expect this to be 6-9 months for franchises that aggressively grab all opportunities available in the locality/town they open the outlet in.
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Business Information
How many franchisees are presently operational in home country? : No Franchisee
How many franchisees do you have across the world? : No Franchisee
Franchisees presently available in home country at : Not Revealed
How many company owned outlets do you have? : No Outlets
Company owned outlets presently available at : Not Revealed
Documentation Details
Do you have a Franchise Agreement? : Yes
Term of Agreement? : 3 Years
Do you have an Operations Manual? : Yes
Do you have a Bankable Business Plan? : Yes
Training Details
Do you have a Training Manual? : Yes
Where is the Initial Training conducted? : Goa
How long is the Initial Training Programme? : 3 Days - 1 Week
Mention a few lines on the post start up training assistance the company provides :

Franchise owner and staff of the franchise will be trained by Delhivery Academy on all SOPs. The traininig will be through a combination of online modules (self consumption), video conferencing and also face to face training for 2 days at Goa. Total training will be spread over a period of 1 week. Post trainining the franchise and franchise staff will be officially certified by Delhivery Academy. 

Business Suitability
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for women? : Yes
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Senior citizens, retired professionals and/or people above 50 years of age? : Yes
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Fresh Graduates and/or Students? : Yes
Can the franchisee work from home? : No
Is Franchise/Business franchising internationally? : No
Is Franchise/Business seeking Multiple/Master Franchisees? : No
Does this Franchise/Business qualify as a Multi Level Marketing Opportunity - MLM Business? : No
Is this Frnachise/Business a Manufacturing/Job work or an assembly related opportunity? : No

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