Franchise Business India

It is estimated that there are over 5000 franchised businesses in India. Franchise Business India will explode to over 10000 companies by 2015. This will enable the thriving middle class and create huge employments and entrepreneurial opportunity for the country. Anybody, who wants to get into the franchise business in India, can do so instantly, by researching the various options that are available and choosing the one that fits them the most. Almost anybody can start a franchise business, with as little as just starting a proprietorship company and having a bank account. There are opportunities as wide ranging as food to education and retail to services and businesses that are most commonly suited for women, senior citizens, students and business men.

High Networth groups, Companies and Organizations are also increasingly looking at franchise opportunities that exist internationally, to represent them and bring them to India. Master Franchises, International Franchises are increasingly becoming a popular model of importing businesses into India. Several NRI's are also keenly seeking franchise businesses in india to ensure that they can relocate to India. Franchise Business India has also come of age for franchisers who want to go global.

We already have examples of several local businesses which are flourishing internationally. Hence the franchise diaspora of India looks very promising and opportunistic for anybody to cash in, while we welcome you to connect with us to make the most of this opportunity. Contact Us